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"There's no such thing as a nonviolent revolution. There's explicit violence and there's veiled violence. Humans using courts isn't less violent. If anything, it's just evidence that they've learned how to use violence efficiently." ~ The Powers of The Earth, Travis J.I. Corcoran

Just another friendly reminder.

Yes, this is a child’s toy. :)

‪The opening bars of the intro music in Young Sheldon remind me of X-Files intro music.

Take back your identity.

Your alter ego is not the mask.

Beware the old man who practices a profession where men usually die young.

The last ten years have been a long, strange ride. Very much looking forward to next week.

True, but the comments just make me feel old. "Computer Lab", when I was in elementary school, consisted of Apple IIe, Oregon Trail, and Carmen Sandiego.

I am not getting rid of this chair. I will die on this hill, in this chair

Down another belt hole! Down 21.2 lbs since March, which actually makes 56% of the way to my goal weight.

“Death, sir.” answered the aide once again.

.... thus ended that particular imperial lineage.

I don’t remember where this came from, but I think it is important to retell occasionally.

There is an old Chinese fable about rules being too strict. During the time of a very “law and order” Chinese emperor, there was a Chinese General who was going to be late after being summoned by the emperor.

The General asked his aide “What is the penalty for being late?”

“Death, sir” the aide replied.

“And what is the penalty for rebellion?” The General continued.

‪As cliche as it sounds, I really don’t have much that bothers me anymore. Stress just rolls off of me, I embrace confrontation instead of shying away from it, and I’m happy to inform anyone of the things they’re doing I disagree with. ‬

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thoughts on developer harassment Show more