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"There's no such thing as a nonviolent revolution. There's explicit violence and there's veiled violence. Humans using courts isn't less violent. If anything, it's just evidence that they've learned how to use violence efficiently." ~ The Powers of The Earth, Travis J.I. Corcoran

Reg Edit has seen some stuff.

He stares past his coffee into the thousand-fold permutations of GUID Space.

"When an application is no longer a benefit..." he begins.

It is an hour before he speaks again.

"They call it Uninstallation."

His voice is barely a whisper now, barely a drop in the endless neon acid rain.

"But sometimes. Sometimes they won't just uninstall quietly."

On the eternal sunset skyline, a blimp crashes in flames above a pyramid.

"And that's where I come in."

I'm just over here ripping apart Fortigate configs for fun and profit. Feel free to ignore my ramblings. I'm really not a fan of Fortigates.

Friends don't let friends use static routes.

Why isn't there the built in ability for "quote boosts" (for lack of a better term) in Mastodon? I kind of get the whole "This is how harassment starts" but also feel that harassment should be dealt with by mods and admins on their own instance.

The demon appeared in the pentagram, studied the lines and glyphs, and smiled. "You made an error. I'm unbound."
The summoner blanched.
"I could torment you," the demon said, "but I won't."
"W- why not?"
"You'll remember this mistake, and torture yourself, the rest of your life."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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That looks like a _very_ nice camera on the iPhone XS. Adjustable depth of field, dynamic HDR, etc.

Are there any public relay servers out there? I'm interested in expanding my federated timeline.

Something tells me has a number of psychometricians on staff.

The new Apple watch has electrodes. Sure they're for heart monitoring, but can I reverse the polarity and have it shock me like one of those dog collars to make me stop shitposting? #appleevent

The "Fall detected" feature of the new Watch is something of a killer app for seniors. I know my parents (in their 70s) could definitely use that feature!

Another great list of alternatives for self-hosted / privacy-aware alternatives to many online services: (ht @xldrkp)

Holy shit! After reading a post from @thegibson I got inspired to see how I could obtain a 3.5" yellow floppy disk. They're $20 a 10 pack now!! Wow!

so, uh... anybody in the Carolinas, and Virginia... get the hell out of there...

they are predicting tropical force winds in Lexington, KY from this one.... that's not in any way normal.

These cardamom pods and anise star are looking pretty rough. Still, into the rice they go!

Not in our name: Why European creators must oppose the EU's proposal to limit linking and censor the internet (a rebuttal to @[email protected])

#FixCopyright #SaveYourInternet #CensorshipMachines #LinkTax

Happy Monday!

“Corporate accounts payable, Niina speaking... juuust a moment”.

Here to hoping you don’t have a Niina sitting next to you. :)