@jerephil My day off, finally, but my husband has left me a List of Stuff To Do... so I have to get my chores done and then I think I'll play some games or catch up on some TV shows I missed.
Definitely walking my beautiful dogs - it's been far too long for them, the poor things.

@whiskeykitten Work, then cooking dinner, then walking *my* wonderful dogs! Last night we took them to the dog park in the cold, wet, dark dog park. Yes, they’re a little spoiled. ;)

@jerephil Unfortunately, our walk was a little marred by some troubling health issues with our middle child, Azzie.
I took her to the vet in the afternoon and the vet is concerned it's a neurological issue.
MRI costs $3000... to start.
Broke our hearts that our sweet rambunctious girl is feeling so low, and watching her struggle.
We're hoping it's something treatable, rather than neurological.

Please send vibes.

@whiskeykitten Sorry to hear that. :/ Do you have pet health insurance at all?

@jerephil We signed up for it the same day we went to the vet - that afternoon.
But there is a 14 day waiting period.
We're going to try the Prednisone and hope that sorts it out (hoping it's just a temporary swelling/inflammation) and that will take up the 14 days.
But we've not heard anything from the second vet. Still waiting.

@whiskeykitten Ouch. I got bit by the same waiting period. I signed up the day after we got our first dog, they had a 30 day waiting period, and she got diagnosed with an odd fungal infection 17 days later. Who knew there were specialist veterinarians? Long story short that was $4,500- Le sigh.

@jerephil Our girl hasn't been diagnosed with ANYTHING yet, thankfully, but we're off to an eye specialist with her tomorrow to see if their tests can reveal anything.
She's actually much better, so I think (and my mum, who has had a few dogs with the same issues) that she had a mini stroke.
She should recover fully.
My husband is very new to owning dogs (besides "outside" or yard dogs) so he's a bit panicked.

@jerephil I'm refactoring crufty old VB.NET code at my day job. It's not that hard even though I've been doing C# for years because it's all .NET shit, but I had to remember how to do VB generics and I'm all "Where my curly braces at?!"
@jerephil That's what I get for wanting to be a genre novelist while being male and shitty at marketing. :)
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