PSA: Just because there is a GPO setting available does not mean you have to actually set it.

Just finished watching Assassination Nation. Ultra violent film that provides an incredible commentary on modern American society. I recommend it highly.

@thegibson You can't solve people problems with technology. =)

@thegibson @SetecAstronomy @sungo Same here. They all have their pros and cons. There is no single OS that is best for everything.

@triptych Oh I’ve seen that, but I also find it more difficult to find people that share my interests. Twitter still wins on that point, even if it means I want to bleach my eyes a few times a week.

@devrandom Ping me if you have more questions. Any friend of @thegibson is a friend of mine.

@devrandom @thegibson They never *really* have any say, but if you want a supported config, you have to follow their rules. I’ve seen people break shit left and right using ADSI Edit/Attribute Editor. I bill by the hour most of the time, so it doesn’t really bother me much. lol

@triptych I love it personally, but it's super hard to figure out who I want to follow.

As soon as i got a Nintendo Switch the first thing i did was lick a cartridge just to see how bad it tasted and it did taste bad. i wouldn't recommend it

@thegibson My knife isn't very sharp at the moment, but I shall get started on sharpening it for you.

People don't quit companies, they quit managers. Seems simple to me but most people I explain this to either don't get it, or it appears that something clicked in their head finally.

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