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True, but the comments just make me feel old. "Computer Lab", when I was in elementary school, consisted of Apple IIe, Oregon Trail, and Carmen Sandiego.

I am not getting rid of this chair. I will die on this hill, in this chair

Down another belt hole! Down 21.2 lbs since March, which actually makes 56% of the way to my goal weight.

“Death, sir.” answered the aide once again.

.... thus ended that particular imperial lineage.

I don’t remember where this came from, but I think it is important to retell occasionally.

There is an old Chinese fable about rules being too strict. During the time of a very “law and order” Chinese emperor, there was a Chinese General who was going to be late after being summoned by the emperor.

The General asked his aide “What is the penalty for being late?”

“Death, sir” the aide replied.

“And what is the penalty for rebellion?” The General continued.

‪As cliche as it sounds, I really don’t have much that bothers me anymore. Stress just rolls off of me, I embrace confrontation instead of shying away from it, and I’m happy to inform anyone of the things they’re doing I disagree with. ‬

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So I’ve been trying the Mast app on iOS as a mobile mastodon client and really, really like it. Well worth the $4.

Boost this toot if you're done with being normal human

TFW you make a joke on a conference call and it falls _totally_ flat with everyone. Ouch.

I put all my extra USB keys in one spot so I would know where they are when I need one. Now I just can't remember where that spot is.

The more I think about it, the more I believe all the "own your data", "open source for everything!" people to be right. I think my next laptop will be running Ubuntu, and I'm strongly considering moving my personal mail away from Office 365.

TFW you start a conference call without remembering to refill your water bottle. =(

The hills are behind you now, and there’s little more than seemingly endless road ahead. Twilight sets in, then night. The scenery fades into the darkness and your world becomes a dark road punctuated by the flash of white lines. The country music station turns to static, the pop station is long gone. Just where does this AM station broadcast from that you can pick it up this far into your journey?

Where indeed?

WRTH - AM 800

Tonight, it's personal.

#podcast #ghosts

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