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Traffic was a nightmare today. My commute in the morning is usually 45 minutes; today it was almost 90. Waze took me some interesting routes, but every time I turned off on a side road I saw a sea of red taillights where I would have been, had I not turned.

I do believe I created Asian-Polish fusion cuisine tonight.

PSA: Season 2 of The Orville premiered tonight.

Managed to accidentally snort ground chipotle while making dinner somehow. I don’t advise repeating this.

Started a new audiobook and was kind of bummed that traffic was virtually non-existent on my way home.

@thegibson I just realized that we aren’t the only Hackers fanatics in existence. Total mind fuck. You have a user named acidburn.... ROFL

As a young child, 6/7 so think,I knocked over a $450 vase in The Bon Marche. Nothing came of it.

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Honest question: how do we know it’s *late* capitalism?

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